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So, stealing the post below from the Franciscangypsy Designs blog, because this is important for all PHNers (and I’m too lazy to write two blog posts about the same thing)! Check it out!

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So, that “other news” I hinted at last post? It has happened.

And I am so excited to share with y’all!

As most of you probably already know, I have a knitting/crocheting podcast with my Mom. And, as you probably also know, if you know that much, we will hit our five year Podiversary in May! We never dreamed we’d be podcasting so long! We never dreamed that so many people would continue to watch us waffle on about knitting and crocheting and… stuff… for so long.

We thought that this was worth celebrating!

I say we, but actually I mean Mom. Mom was really the genius behind this awesome piece of news I’m about to give you but will continue to hint at and dance around telling you about just because I’m perverse, evil, and need to be kicked really hard to remind me that it’s not nice to tease people.

Anyway, Mom recently (like December of 2016 recent) opened an Etsy shop for her hand-dyed yarn. And, shortly after opening her shop, this beautiful brain-child came to her:










Yes, friends. Pen, Hook, And Needles Podcast is doing a kit! Mom envisioned the yarn, what kind of animal she wanted for the toy, and what she wanted on the bag. And then she wowed Anne Brody of The SilverShed USA (who makes seriously awesome bags) and I with her vision. She got Dad to do the artwork for the fabric, and voila! one seriously PHuN kit.

And, you know what’s even better?

It’s available now for sale!



But, ladies and gents, the kits are going fast. We had 14 to start. At the time I write this, we’re down to 7. And the kit has only been up for a few hours. So they’re going quick.

What does it contain? See the picture below:


So you get my PHuN the Chameleon pattern (exclusive to the kit a this time), the PHuN in the Woman Cave yarn (also exclusive to the kit), and the PHuN in the Woman Cave bag (exclu… well, you get the idea). There are two sizes of bags to choose from when you buy the kit (because you know you want one): medium and large. And both sizes are more than sufficient to hold your project. Especially, (cough) if you have my super-tight gauge.

And where can you buy this awesome kit of awesomeness. Well, if you haven’t already tried to click to link embedded in the picture above, you can also get the kit by pressing the link here: PHuN in the Woman Cave kit.

Mom and I are super-excited about our five-year Podiversary and this kit. We hope that you are to and will enjoy this bit of celebration with us!

God Bless,