Hand Exercises for Knitters/Crocheters

I don’t really have a section for this, so I guess I’ll just slam this in the podcast section. Cuz it’s podcast related… right?

Anyway, with the toy designing obsession, I’m crocheting much more than I’m used to and it can make my hand (particularly my thumb area) to ache. So do I do the logical hand and take a break from yarning for a while?


I do the only thing an obsessive knitter/crocheter like me can do: I searched out hand exercises for fellow yarnaholics. And, friends, there is quite a bit of online literature out there on this topic.


I can’t keep the awesomeness to myself, so I’m sharing the links below. Imho, the most useful tips come from knitfreedom (that’s the second link), but I’ll let you determine what works best for you. I, for one, will be adding them to my knitting regimen. You know, knit/crochet while watching a knitting podcast, stretch hands/arms after the podcast is done, move on to the next one….

Nope. Not obsessive at all.

Hope you get as much out of these tips as I have so far!

God Bless,


1) Ten Hand and Shoulder Exercises for Knitters

2) Top 5 Stretches For Knitting Pain And Stiffness

3) Hand Exercises for Knitters & Crocheters