Exciting News!

Don’t know where else to place this, since I don’t have a blog section; probably should remedy that. Anyway, this applies to design, so I’ll place this here.

As y’all probably are well aware, Oops the Bunny has now joined the Franciscangypsy Designs toy family.

IMG_3690-1 IMG_2024

Because of the new VAT (Value Added Tax) affecting buyers in the EU (European Union), overseas buyers have been having issues taking advantage of the recent sale, even though said “sale” really translates to “free”. Apparently that is still an issue with the powers-that-be who put into place the lovely VAT. Anyway, all my patterns have been in limbo-land, waiting to be accepted at LoveKnitting so that the VAT will be applied appropriately to EU buyers so they can buy my patterns. Non-EU buyers haven’t been affected, but it really stinks for EU buyers. After all, not only my patterns have been affected, but all Ravelry patterns. All of them. Chew on that for a while. And be really glad if you don’t live in the EU and haven’t had to bother with this headache.

So, I guess LoveKnitting and Ravelry have a deal of some sort, so that designers who peddle through Rav (including yours, truly) can still sell their patterns to people living in the EU without the headaches of figuring out the VAT. LoveKnitting does all the hard work of doing the math. You just buy through Rav as usual and get redirected to LoveKnitting to complete your purchase.

Clear as mud? Good. I don’t completely get it either.

This was all sprung on us Rav designers January 1st, the very day the lovely VAT took effect. It has been an ever-loving headache as all of designers have scrambled to get our patterns accepted at LoveKnitting. LoveKnitting has, quite understandably, been a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with the traffic of thousands of Ravelry patterns being pushed their direction for acceptance.

So where is the exciting news in all this?

Well, after weeks of waiting for most of my patterns (and only days of waiting for Oopsy. Lucky bunny), all of my Franciscangypsy Designs patterns are now published in LoveKnitting! So EU friends, you are no longer barred for buying my patterns. That’s worthy of a party!

Thanks for all your support of my patterns! And if you live in the EU and still are having trouble picking up Oopsy or any of my other patterns, please let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

God Bless,