Sweater-Along 2015

Hey, ladies and gents! It’ time for the 2015 sweater-along! Year 2 for the sweater-along; woot! woot!

Once again, Kathy aka katb913 from the Knit Nerd Podcast is cohosting this KAl/CAL with us. If you haven’t checked her podcast out yet, you really should.

So…the rules are such (and are slightly different between PHN and the Knit Nerd podcasts):

1) This KAL/CAL will run from January 1st to March 31st.

2) We don’t care when you started your sweater. We don’t care when you finish your projects (as long as it is not prior to January 1st, 2015). We only care that you actively work on your sweaters during the Sweater-along. Please tag your projects with PHNSweateralong2015

3) You may double-dip here and at the Knit Nerd Podcast, at least for FOs. If you do so, though, you need to be a member of Kathy’s Ravelry podcast group. Also, if you’re going to post to our Ravelry group, we’d appreciate it if you’d join our group as well. We don’t bite. Most of the time. 😉

4) This last rule applies for PHN as Kathy counts FOs only. But over here in PHN land, each week you can post a progress picture, and have it count toward a chance to get prizes-yet-to-be-announced! And if you finish a project after you already posted a progress pic that week; sweet… you get two chances that week! And if you start a new sweater right after that on that same week, you can post a project pic for that as well, giving your three chances! Although if you finish a sweater and start another during this time, my hat is truly off to you. So to boil it down… WIPs and FOs both count for prizes. But only post one WIP picture per WIP per week.