Toy-Along 2014

It’s time for the Pen, Hook and Needles 3rd annual toy along. Wow! Where has the time gone? Here is what you need to know :). We are co-hosting this year’s Toy Along with the wonderful Obiwanknitter (Dan) andBryonybear (Kay) the lovely cohosts of the Bakery Bears Podcast and we’re super excited about it. The rules will be very similar in both groups, though there may be some slight differences. Both groups will have many terrific prizes.

Here are our rules:

  • The CAL/KAL will begin October 1, 2014 and end December 31, 2014. Projects must be started and worked on within this time period in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • Projects and chatter will all be in the same thread, but only WIPs and FOs will be eligible for prizes. 🙂

• Projects may be knitted or crocheted

• Toys can be used as gifts, donated to theturboknitter64’s ambulance, toys for tots or other charities or put to whatever use you see fit

• We will allow double dipping of projects, on our end of the CAL/KAL I believe Bakery Bears will also, but you might want to check in with them to make sure. 🙂

• Please feel free to tell others about the toy along. The more the merrier.

  • We will have featured patterns in our group that will merit 2 chances at a prize as an FO only (Bakery Bears Patterns and FranciscanGypsy patterns)
  • All WIPs and all FOs will have one chance at a prize, except Featured patterns FOs which will have two chances as mentioned above.
  • One WIP per project per week. One FO per project.
  • Please create a project page for each project and tag your projects PHNBBToy2014 on Ravelry and for instagram: #PHNBBToy2014

Some suggested toy designers for you to consider:

Bakery Bears (K) Franciscangypsy designs (C)
Susan Claudino (K) Patchwork Moose (C)
Susan Anderson (K) FreshStitches (C)
Chiwaluv (C/K)

These are just a few suggestions, you can make any toy you like from any designer you choose.

PRIZES: to be announced. Stay tuned. 🙂

I think that’s everything, but keep an eye on this thread for any updates that may be added. We’re really excited about seeing all your projects…so on your mark, get set, go! 🙂
God bless and have fun…

Marlicia (ladyfernaco)